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The White-Tzeng Family Rocks!

Last night was magical as we headed to the North Shore again to meet the White-Tzengs.  It was a familiar location, but the photo session was by no means ordinary.  This family brought its own wonderful “mojo”.  Everyone from the little nine month-old to the grandparents lit up, as they were just themselves and comfortable in front of the camera.  Lots more pictures to come!  Oh, and you have GOT to see Mom and Dad getting doused, as a big wave hit the pile of rocks that was behind them!  Stay tuned!  (Can you “picture” yourself in front of my camera on the North Shore?  Hope so!)


A great day to be at Bellows!

The last day of May provided perfect conditions for the Gower family photo session. Lots of rain immediately before and after the 2 hour session; we got a perfect little two hour window. Weekdays at Bellows can be challenging in terms of access to the beach because of military exercises. We were told that we would have to “move along” if told at any time. Thank goodness we had the BIG beach all to ourselves!

Don and Misun frolic at Bellows


Alex and Trisha

The weather conditions were just perfect yesterday for the family photo session with Alex and Trisha.  The rain came in right at the end of the session.  The curtain of rain was coming straight for us from the Northeast, and it created perfect conditions for a super vibrant rainbow!  It was a good thing that we got right to our vehicles just after that, because the rain then came down in torrents.